falling along the other depths of another hell
other people flutter and crash with sincere wishes
everything will be alright they tell the soldiers
shivering that first night of the tour
they never say who will die
as they guns fire overhead
as sirens call out inviting you into their thrall

we wait for a sign they dare cross the horizon
the eyes of an enemy inevitably young watered
peeling away tears as tomorrow falls flat
faces in mud and limbs at strange angles
jutting like prominences into a sea of blood

flesh torn and on fire anonymously ripped from bones
redundant DNA never to be checked
unknown soldiers never finding a tomb
wild horses once again roam the hills

and the silence that follows before ships vomit invaders into the broken landscape
this image prepared by chemicals and powders

generals fat and playing with figurines on a model
their dice rolls explode
women and children first to die

toys fly overhead
broken cities

lines drawn between peoples
cut out their minds

18 April 2015