Roll of Seasons

It’s a revolution what it does to the time
how it’s dark at 8am one day and before

you realise it the year unfolds and you see a 5am sunrise

the birds know as the twigs they gather have the right density
the trees know when to grow new leaves

of course the air knows everything

we, the very youngest of things knows more than anything
until a fat meteor smites our face

striking off the very nose with which
we taste the wine or gently pass its bow

in tender moments of affection and how
in the spring you dare the summer opportunity

the autumn contemplations of the dying leaves
the winter’s huddle under skins open fires

so many reasons for the roll of seasons

babies born in winter learn to grow hair quickly
learn to walk and yell out for their share of the blanket

how he has grown old yet nothing changes
like every year how winter comes early

but summer lasts forever
his face disappeared into the sunlight

May 22nd 2015

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