Beauty of Time

As it passes we regret its progress
drawing as it does the colour from our hair
leaving latticework creases in skin
footprints left by experience

We look with the same eyes
and see the same things as before
yet each day they mean more
inspect each molecule
the regard for food in animal eyes
is the start of all thought

The look the bride gives the best man
as the ring moves from his trembling finger
thanking that momentary function of memory
returning to check his jacket and finding it in the wrong pocket
his brief moment of guilt what if he had forgot
and everything were to unravel
how could he forget it then?

It would worry him until he drank too much
champaigne to recall – that was his intent
to drink more than he should have done
his speech to wish his best friend calm waters
that he had left behind and instead what he said
was brief and meaningful

he released his best friend to another life
he watched him drive away in an old Citroen
“Only just married” scribbled on the rear