Tax Havens cause Inflation

Tax havens cause inflation
the rich pick out the bits they think they
want and leave the rest to the rest
the best bits are missed because the rich miss bits
that other people want far more than their shiney shit

Tax havens feed the monster
that burns value and forces governments to print more
to catch up with the bits of the economy that have gone missing
the failure to collect big slices of pie now lost in the sky
tax havens and securitisation cause rampant inflation

how much money they print
dilutes the value of the stashes of the rich
things get more expensive and instead of starving
they keep them in tenement housing
offer them the choice of the back of the Ritz or
fish and chips and a night at the boozer

The leaders stash away their cash
as do the entire cabinet
of course they tell their staff
and their constituents to pay their fair share
when they tighten the screws they shower in booze
and soak up the sun on a beach
in the Caribbean

The principality that held all his cash
sunk into the sea after an earthquake
the tax payer bailed out the insurance companies
that had lost 200 years of savings securities

The family absorbed the goodness of political dialogue
directly in their living room with Dad wheezing in the corner
now only seventeen weeks until his operation

the woman asked the wrong people for change
and as the wheels engaged and traction brought
them back into view, the people carried on
as before, struggling yet sure
bearing up and still voting
shopping on a budget
and spending secret savings
down at the manicure parlour