Enjoying the moment he helped another, a walk in the sunshine
Do not get burnt wear white do not be afraid to dive into the river
Run around in rubber flip flops and get eaten by insects
if you were a bit older that would be you zooming past on a motor
cycle – then you would wear shoes in the heat
then you would not needs to be around family
moving like a bullet describes a groove into the ground
you get set in your ways and pay your bills
you teach little people to be big people, even though you have not
worked out yet how to even be a little person
adults are such experts as they run from room to room
looking for that mislaid comb or the tin opener
as you talk about the day to day fire comes in all colours
the little surprises shock you the most
and so each year passes as the hook is screwed into he wood
something to hang your hat against, except the time you get the hand
the wood will have rotted and the hook long forgotten about
unless you have cut your hand, left a scar
something to tell your mates
I fear you got fat because you wanted too much