mutual divide sagacious intensity gagging beauty ferocious intent military zeal exposed iron cement thighs lost repose sullen glimpse never on time always makes you pay (you wanted to anyway) never there sex is inconvenient oh go on don’t listen to me take me on a path I can not forget take me on a journey

take me down the river where it pours into the lake,
float a bit,

the awning silver air hanging inside her eyes
the time that crept up and overtook
changing needs
falling asleep
in front of the

the weeds
that crept up
entangled her finger

taught it how to describe
pleasing shapes to cover her eyes

she learned that there was nothing but
whether or not you got to make it to the knot

something was unsaid
it stayed in the air
gathering dust
it was that
bleedin’ obvious

she spoke and the dust in the air between them
fled to the other room
the passing of time as the sounds invaded the air
armed to the teeth with things that never remain

discussing reasons with the clock
turning heads
until the necks snap