It may not seem much but accept this letter of appreciation
it does not seem much because it is not much
just butter but it is the very least we can do

Our sincere apologies that your son got food poisoning at our restaurant
we are sorry that accidents happen so here is fifty dollars
it is butter, but we believe you will accept it

Our investment advisors made the same mistake that all investment advisors made
All the indicators were that doing what everyone else was doing was right
we are sorry but there is nothing we can do but butter you up for the next deal

We pray for your well being and hope you have time to recover from your long illness
before you die we know you won’t but our interest
is linked to hope for a little favour in your will
its just butter but someone of your age appreciates what they can get

It is an excellent combination my dear
the finest fruit bitter jam perfect on toast with something, perhaps
a little butter will make the jam taste right on my starchy white bread
it will keep the dairy farmers in business even if it accelerates the heart condition

I will make sure the premiums are up to date my dear