Right behind

drinking deep of the forest water
the white pool of heavy rain last season
dank with the subtle lies
compare them to memory circles expanded

nobody complains about such hard beauty
they just play up to your eyebrow raised above yon
the actions of the playful few
the dancing girls who play with both types of shoe
toe clicks on stone and life that just goes on
her fevered eye locked on that horizon
her little voice in the dense pool
the heavy silent drip seeps in

the long sombre sighs draw in your thoughts
like paper into a machine drawn in fast
and certain, tall like thistles
wooden soldiers fall on broken clouds
their legs uselessly pulling back the tide

mechanical matchsticks slicing surf
the surgeons gun takes away her smile
warrior manipulation plump fingers play
over your spine did not make you stronger
relief of pressure sees your underwater strokes
pull you along one yard at a time
progress is slow as the tide pulls you back
back to where you came from
the mysterious pool of deceits