celebrate slow

celebrate slow take a long time to go
come with a gush but leave
in a hush

eat your way out of the trap
end each day with a crap
but start with the dance
the face of romance
held still as the night falls
and placed peace moving in small
foot steps across the land
of contrast

the beating heart
the words that start to form
they get caught by the light of the dawn
they get stuck in the red bolah hat
the man who takes the ball
and kicks it over the wall
the lives of wild rabbits
the meaning of their stories
and the future laid out like
instruments gathering dust
on the surgeons tray

the stainless steel fence
the selling of bad secrets to the operators
of the wheely-gigs the turning of marked hay

funnels dig whorl pools
dragging the water
to the depths of devious maritime slaughter

and it all happens so slow
gradually it unfolds
like a tapestry in flesh
like a thought that takes form
and crashes into the next
producing vapour that dances with the light
like angels that lost their balance

like pebbles that had lost sight
left on the beach to be lost
and forgotten