your saying that makes rain

your saying that makes rain is so typical
you see the clouds move and rise in the day
you see the gathering of wise men around the
waiting distance unfolding drama of sinesence
each decision finds momentum
each darling thought unfolds like a rose
each working moment is considered
with such care

how to make reason
dust in the sand

how to make deals
wiping finger make trails

forever the meaning
forever the dealing
and needing

before it comes, the air becomes warm
wet and smells like morning
fetid and mysterious
the silence of the traffic
fades in the rubinesque distance
its sanguine gowns unfolded and stacked
in the corner
folds in the air
hold us still
the vapour is firm
and negotiates return

she takes you from here to here
she welcomes your dreams
for life to appear

she takes your ways with a grain
of pepper spreads it
out over dinner
she takes you from wonder
all chiseled and buffer
than the starting rifle
let you

these are the dreams of the ancient
kitbag, the folded hanky
that contained your tears
the heavy dance over tarry
that defined the ears