Deep Water Trembles

Deep water trembles at the moaning under the moon
the tides inside her bring her to the table and down she sits
the papers are spread out like military plans
this is when we add a bathroom
this is the panelling job we can afford six years in
that is a long time before panelling appears as if by decree
such is the budgeting skills of this man
experience with him will be unexpected
sometimes surprising and at other, inexplicable.
She had found herself a man, a hairy beast with bad habits
rolling in his dungeon needing a shave and a going over
like her Mum would insist on, the day she’d present him
she dreaded intensely the face you could never argue with
staring down upon your choices and working out how to cut
deeper than last time when she threw him out
to find his luck with the wolves, this time those horned rim glasses
cast a predatory glaise upon her insecticide stare.