indirect looks around the latency of a curl
the fast takes on the bough of progress
the little way she gasps and the moment is lost
into a denseness that entices pleasure
a closeness of the rub of a thumb
or the bordering incline of the 
arch of back of an advertising rune
a fleeting echo of dance 
the eggs that time 
dragged from the net
the wheels that run
them out of town they burn

dark smoke clouds up in a drama of noise
the noose that bears truth tightens 
three notches away from loose
and we bear witness to pain
inflicted by the state on the
individual for nothing other
than a mere right to his time
as the government slices it up
our contributions become absolute 
as society would collapse if one breeder
is made a lever or at least a fierce priest
someone who can hold you down to judgement
here in the deep the sonorous hold on the centre
the woven threads, each a course committed and cunning
each a force, a long shot, a vice

it is bleak in baton rogue despatched towns
where the supermarkets can not attract enough people
who can afford to eat to pay when they went through the tills
they can arrest every forth it becomes an equation 

them streets over calculated 
we over calibrated their truths 
to the inevitable hunger that drove 
them to act ten thousand to one
the governments fell like playing card spells
and utopia arose because we understand integrity
we know the value of working as one
we understand the truth of the platoon
the misery of nights alone spent jousting
in the wonderdrome or a world so alien and
crap you the protagonist is covered in spray from
its inevitable aftermath

bathing in electrons 
carefully arranged by
to inflict belief 
so they can do things
they knew would be unpopular

a docile happy population is better than
this mystery a fevered response to crowd 
terror is not shooting at them or spraying them
it could be dialogue between the 1% of the crowd 
who can argue as well as your best
or the fake thrones you throw, 
the cast aside bits of our monarchy
sliced up rare beef for the aristocracy
more for less seems the inside streak
cast upon thy avarice

Nobody is going to be held aside
questioned for activities you regulated to inflect 
down at the local they hold the threats of the harmless
while the rats find sewers and a watery grave