Hold On

Love is on hold today
If you wait we may put you through

Breaking up is hard but the dark shroud of silence
thrown over life courts no mercy

thinking becomes criminal
rampaging through roundabouts
it does no good to wring sorrow
from the passing of light into passages of mystery,
inspection intended to improve upon suspicion

The time ensures the truth
   may exhume distance and measure
locked rooms with x-ray lasers

The sounds that wake you
as the sun bleaches the dark
screaming itself to sleep

The wounds left in the clouds betray
the violence, ripped sky, torn muscles
over exerted by the winds

The thunder is brewed hidden in distance
the lightening will always shock the mares
as they bolt across the seas

Morning and a new day limps at first
connected we sail on gentle water,
apart we burst into sodden flames
corrupted by fear
memories stolen