No words

No words describe you
So instead I have used smoke signals
Tried painting bright rainbows around your fragile mask
and teasing out droplets of pure nectar from the morning glory
the inspecting bees know which ones are ready
their veined intrusion, proboscis unfurl and steal sweet
their legs carry the treasure
 packages of gold
 the futures exchange
life at the ready

Thought about nothing but you
in uncertain terms
words keep going through the divide
red and white
all rules aside, faith makes its gambit uncertain
unless you ask you will never know
there was no lack of belief, every unturned leaf
abandoned worship
flounder on dead water, nobody left to criticise
nobody about to surprise you with their made up tales
I want to listen

Vacant lots interrupted by gusts of storm
the dust packed down for the summer
children play among the shafts of bone
and unexploded bombs
the clothes are spread to dry
to suffer under the glaring sunlight
bleached of their differences
beaten into two dimensions
the liquid that falls
the rain that we wait for