Words, bitter and failing

Where words fail feelings fill
Where flying does not bring distance
and silence does not wear down
the barbs given by eyes as the sun rises

in days past
those ancient accusers
failed by fountains of fear
basking in stolen bitterness
and stalked by angels

the twisted and turning words of betrayal
the uncurling lips of treason
skies lost to clouds that are burdened
with vapours and memory

When you speak the truth all precision
is imagined

When you say such words the birds
pelt down as snow braced lessons
in reasonable failure

the dance of hoofs in the dust
laughter by mercenaries
their payments now drunk and sleeping

Their charges slain
and bleeding stopped
as the visitation ends
our hands in the joining
of failure

frightening forgetfulness

age overtakes solemnity
the winds fall silent and
the air remains still

her children speak of
their mother imprisoned
by jewels