Lessons in Print

it is not a voyage of discovery
it is a tale of mystery, adventure
see what you can uncover, do not lay the garden bare
and look at the rocks

the master folded his arms in the traditional manner

you have to think about the future
you have to be able to look into mothers’ eyes
and feel for them
work for them
until you die
for them

the master got out the giant book

what is on page 24

oh master do we have to?

cover old ground?

do we have to do the same thing every day?

you want to know what is on page 25, don’t you?

yes! I long to find out

cover new ground.

exactly master exactly

exactly student exactly

what is master saying the student observed the wicked gleam in masters’ eye

it is the same with your love
but I need to know
she does not want you to know
then I can not look
she does want to you look
then I must ask why does she not want me to ask
she does not want you to ask it is the beginning of laying the garden bare
I would never lay a garden bare, it is disrespectful
that it is, but so long as she knows she has secrets she will continue to entice
then she must know that I can never know I can win her heart that way
no that would never work, you got to let her see that you are going to keep searching for her
she is not lost
pretend that she is
master, your thinking is old fashioned

child I may be only a painting but I have lived
you are going places master
going places but never get there
then I shall always travel in the opposite direction
with my arms weirdly bent upsides down