My Little Treasure

If you look hard enough, it is there
It never went away, it just floats under space
Sparkling and turning itself
A naked ballerina smiling from the edge of the world
A glowing light that reminds you where you are

We talked about this and that
turning over time like leaves in the bread maker
our dough was soft and pliable
but we thought it was cooked
made mistakes, left it in the snow
and yet, it still makes a fine loaf
crunchy on the outside and tender within

You are my treasure and yet you think
it is different and yet it isn’t
over time the trees grow bigger leaves
because they can dig deeper into time
knowing more is always going to give you grounding
like those beans with their fragrant aroma
you knew the exact moment to open the door

– for Fi
– happy valentine day
– 14 Feb 2022