take me shopping

she bleeds from the vacuous expanse
shopping bags for the aorta connectivity
to the spine unravelled inspections of
the lines upon which illness transmits
its yellowed message undone by
extremes of pink and green


laced over the form but somewhere it stops


purchased and contained by wire
thrilling loss of permanence
undo the key to the room
take people into and out of themselves
their bodies floating and lost in the wild
expanse of their natural evil selves
revealed as habits repeating and repeating
wrapped in designs for a future never lost between
marble states balanced gently on top of the roof
of the world


confined between ears these liquids
move and yet they are congealing masses of pulse
forever cooling lava always moving always slowing


locked moments resting place and littleness
broken bits bitten off and broken
finally undone

take me shopping