war is necessary

war is necessary
to kill the punks
war is also a way
to get rid of the runts
that become a drain
on the wealth of the wealthy

the land taxes increased
due to the cost of the diseased
all this accomplished with
extraordinary ease
the stroke of a pen
no deaths on the battle field

the painted terraces fell
how progress and reinvention
can fail to resolve vision
how things could be
removed from sustainable logic

weapons on the battle field
firing ordinance at other
young cadets
loading guns in their trenches
the town rather forgets
they fight with each other
decorate the walls of the local
tavern with the blood of unfortunates
that step into the grasp of their graben

their sunken soul their loose canons
these terrifying louts are set to collide
reductionalism inflates and runs over the sides

justice is the peaceful morning
when the victors walk in to
indoctrinate the children of those
being shot at the night before

to imprison and enslave
in this modern day
the men and women who
make the bread
provide care for the sick and
house the poor
those that turn the pages in the schools
carry food on the backs of mules
the average person pays
for the fireworks displays

war is not cheap
but necessary
when we give the reins
to the insane

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