Wild and Free

As she soars over us with chameleon plumage
the grace of an eagle wing passes over
tangible change afoot winter sterility
binds loosened

He stands face to weather
listening to the broken minds mad with madness
that evil type that only feels pleasure
when they make others feel that pain

or the good type who knows when to bend
and when to accept the blame for the war
the mind that works in the wrong direction
the sense of the formidable an enemy
who has no mind, just doing what the script proscribed
removing as many victims as possible before
vapour lifts from the confused survivors

during the change
during the time when he faced this and
then turned and it blew through him

during the change
when his insides toughened up before on the out he was melting down
he was sorting the children from the dogs and it made perfect sense
but the dawn was coming and it was a race until the light
made it clear that what he was up to was not what he was thinking

during the change
there was for just a moment no self
and in that moment he forgot the trigger