Wither the Will

The will is directed by need
that is what is wrong
the will instinctively leads but
it is deliberated, discussed
and agreed advice is given
given as humans play roles,
now those roles are more linked to intemperate ideas
exist without ink instead
there is an unspoken checklist
we measure ourselves with

this is not the will
what we think are not
the undercurrents that belie belief
decisions are mysteriously undramatic

the logic of being alive and kicking
for one, the wreckage of hunger for two
the driving logic of sex for three
these all require continuous scheming
but even without will, they happen
(the real secret – find the self
to act from inner truth) requires a certain
dexterity of confidence
a slickness that others will marvel at
rather than only appearing
to waft in the mellow breeze
like some kind of flower
but to speak?

the voice from without
finds no shield
and seems raw to the world
with a little sharpening it will catch fire
with a little time spent on it
something will come from more than just will
something will be said that becomes a thing
contagion with meaning rattles the cages

ancient agreements were acts of will over others
but this is a network that spreads slowly but it spreads
because Adam said yes, let’s do our best
if we have to leave, Eve said find the very heart of things
in all that we do for each other
they agreed and so together they leap

at least if you do the miles the road will be trod on
at least if you smile with the eyes
the hands will reach into pockets
what matters is the kindness and attention they sought
as they peer at your interpretation of life
through empty sockets of sorts.