Belief ballet

Eventful afternoon pulled aside into the warm glow of a concern
momentary weakness blinds lowered eyes wide open
she was to play her part to perfection
rehearsed benefits at today’s price
none of this was necessary
but the force of personality
is what betrays us to bleed sweat
the belief in the dreams given back
for half an hour as transactional eyes
guide you with speeches
that certain gaze you mistook for silence
soon you are taken along in that comfortable coach
to the isle of the hidden glen

the alarming aftershock of hunger is greed
keeping it to oneself and trying to win the rewards
of a feathered kindred hungry cold and wet child
wearing fashion armour suits crafted with the finest price tags
there is a way that nature prepared us for this
when they speak of the natural order
  of things it is difficult to avoid collusion

it is no easy task to say no

beyond the boundaries
outside the canvas you became used to