whipped sea

bear witness
for the future is untold and yet
unfolds like the hands of a flower
flexing creating an image of beauty
the future unfurls as new drops of rain
fall on the desert picture
lying on the deck of a moored boat
isolated beach island with palms
sweeping up the misery that the
wind brought the night before
as the rain swept lands were torn away
knives slashing at the canvas
as the winds ripped the sea into the air
violence riven rain surging muscles
inspired blood droplets and sweeping
blades the sheets and solid spray
the turgid ovens rudderless vortexed
tidal pools screams and doors flying

stories locked in the cupboard
dreams by little pieces of eight
paint my picture

she lies in the sun
haunted by rumour
ancient legends that matched
what was happening to him at that moment
resonances with history

as the blade separates skin
the life that flashes by is finalised
delivered and departed

echoes are detectable but as they
die down all that is left behind
is beauty